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All updates will now be located at the sites below.  As a side note, all the links on this page now point to the site as well, so simply click any of the links above to move over to the new site.

Comics *WILL* continue to be updated here, however, only to give you notification that new pages have been completed on the main site.  All links on this page will point to the new site on Spiderforest.  Please point your browsers to either of the sites listed below, and thank you very much for visiting!

Comicgenesis was our home for many many years, and we greatly appreciate all the help and assistance we got here... but it's time for us to move on.  Cheers!

>Matt & Michelle

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PLEASE NOTE!!!  This will be the LAST update on the ComicGenesis site.  Please change your links over to either the Dragon-artists site (located at ) or the SpiderForest site (located at ).

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